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About Us

UAE is one of the fastest growing countries in the Gulf area. UAE became the most innovative and advanced country in the Gulf area regarding health care with very modern equipped hospitals and well-trained doctors from all over the world.

At Horas, we believe that talent is an indispensable prerequisite, and that long-term development is an ever-growing duty. Backed by the commitment and vitality of our professional workforce, we have  always been able to address the different market challenges of delivering high quality & new technology in the medical products at competitive prices and trusted brands through a relentless process of learning and continuous improvement. Complying with ethical processes, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for sustainable growth are the fundamentals for both the market leadership we enjoy today, and the achievements we will attain tomorrow.

With more than a decade, we are in the business of improving people’s lives, and over the course of our operation, Horas has succeeded in earning a primary position and a solid reputation as a trusted medical supplier that provides innovative healthcare solutions to its customers.

Why Choose Us

People’s health lives are the center of our focus

  • Extensive experience and deep understanding of UAE medical devices market.
  • Strong financial position that provides durable stability that can support our business and future growth.
  • Firm market coverage through headquarters in Dubai.
  • Care and professionalism with the best-in-class workforce, state-of-the-art premises and medically-certified warehouses.
  • Best sales and marketing teams in the market dedicated for the proper representation of our partners and for better promotion of products and services.
  • Best customer service and after-sales support to optimize our customers’ experience.
  • Effective engagement of medical professionals and healthcare associations through investing in the education, training and support about our products usage and applications.
  • Trusted by world-renowned medical suppliers, with a number of unmatched fruitful partnerships with leading multinational medical corporations.
Surgeons in Operating Room
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