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Message From Our President

It is with great pride and pleasure that I view the progress we have been achieving over the years at Horas. Since its establishment in 2004, we have been operating with the main vision of changing people’s health lives for the better, and we have been moving towards this goal with solid steps and optimism for a healthier future.

It is remarkable to look back and see how far our company has come in a rapidly changing and challenging healthcare environment. We have grown to be one of the top leading medical devices and supplies providers, trusted by numerous renowned clients and world class partners from around the globe. We shall continue with our plans for expansion to ensure further advancement and scalable growth, providing high quality services and maintaining our market-leading position.

Our expansion plans encompass multiple aspects of the business that allow for a steady but powerful development from the inside out. New investments are to be made in regard to developing our company infrastructure, introducing new business units, expanding our sales and marketing teams, increasing our partners’ local representation and mounting our market share.

Horas is very appreciative for the support and trust received from both our clients and partners, whose confidence has always been energizing our actions and driving us towards exceptional performance.

We are also extremely proud of our professional knowledgeable teams who have not held back any efforts to support the company along its advancement path and are still doing much to help realize our mutual future plans and uphold our prominent position.

Horas is committed to continually provide superior quality products and services, with people’s health lives at the center of our focus. We shall continue to work hard with the support of our teams, partners and clients to deliver best-in-class services based on our flexibility, integrity and responsiveness to challenges.                       


Dr.Mohsen Merghany

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